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fermetures à glissière résistant à l'eau
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Modèle: SZIP Waterproof

Description du produit Spécifications fermetures à glissière étanches
1) Matériel: tissu en nylon avec revêtement TPU
2) Haute qualité et prix raisonnable


1) Watersports clothing; Tents, flexible covers
2) Bags and backpacks for daily use and outdoor activities such as cycling, biking, sailing, hiking, climbing ...and various others.
3) Out-door gears and other related products


The SZIP Waterproof will hold 100 mbar air pressure. The SZIP Waterproof is less air-tight than the SZIP Waterproof but is easier to open or close. Heavy bending may cause leakage. Please try to avoid!


The utility model discloses a novel nylon air-tight and waterproof zipper which comprises a zipper belt and zipper teeth, wherein, the nylon zipper teeth are arranged on a high-strength terylene mesh belt, a layer of TPU/PU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is arranged on the zipper belt and the zipper teeth which are arranged at the front face of the zipper, the TPU/PU layer is leaked into the gap of the zipper belt to form a mixing layer with the zipper belt, and the half side of each zipper tooth is safely coated and protected by the TPU/PU (thermoplastic polyurethane). When the zipper teeth are closed, the peripheral TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) of the zipper teeth is tightly combined together, the gap of the zipper can be well sealed with upper zipper teeth and lower zipper teeth, the thickness of the TPU layer of the zipper tooth is larger than that of the TPU/PU layer of the zipper belt, and a convex edge is formed by adapting the TPU/PU to coat and by the integral design. The utility model has the advantages of durability, low cost, water and air resistance, ultraviolet ray resistance, corrosion prevention, ageing and abrasion resistance, and the like.


The SZIP Waterproof is highly resistant to damage caused by dirt or sand. However if dirt or sand are present, the zipper should be cleaned with soap and water. Dirt particles can affect the sealing function if they get caught between the teeth chains. If the SZIP Waterproof closure is used to protect life or sensitive material, the sealing function and cleanness of the chain area should be double checked prior to every usage.


UV-light Excellent
Microbes Good
Oil and petrol Very Good
Hydrolysis (normaltemperatures) Good
Hydrolysis (extreme temperatures and humidity) Sufficient
Temperature range -30°C - +80°C
Light acids and alkalis (normal temperature) Good

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